Criminal Intelligence

Criminal Intelligence is information that has been legally gathered, competently analyzed, and properly disseminated for the sole purpose of preventing, detecting, or monitoring crime. Criminal Intelligence is the focus of countless conferences and symposia and most law enforcement professionals agree it is important. It is central to a strong Intelligence Led Policing strategy. Many small to mid-sized agencies however are not able to dedicate the personnel needed for a fully functional criminal intelligence unit. The good news is you don’t need to!

Elendil Technologies will show you how you can begin using criminal intelligence to save lives, protect property, and be fiscally responsible with your current staff. In addition we offer the following services:

Basic Criminal Intelligence Training- Who, what, when, where and why?

Workflow creation- How to get the right information from “A” to “B”

Workflow Optimization- You got it, now let’s make it better!

Technology Consultation- Are you ready to go high tech or will a simple download suffice?

Advanced Criminal Intelligence Training- You have the technology, now let’s make it work!

Intelligence for Counterterrorism Training- What are pre-indicators? Why would they attack us?