Law Enforcement Technology Consulting

The world of law enforcement technology is moving forward at incredible speeds. You need allies who can assess your needs and point you in the right direction.

Social Media Analysis

In today’s environment a simple status update can shake the world. When the status update came from your event or place of business, things get even more complicated. Elendil Technologies has cornered the market on real time social media analysis for everything from small town high schools to national sporting events.


Social Media Training

Hands-on in real-time.

That is the only way to train!

Elendil Tech’s social media training is everyone from a “day one” detective, to the seasoned investigator.


Protestus Project

A one stop shop for information, analysis, and research on today’s activist groups, trends, and tactics.

Criminal Intelligence

Criminal Intelligence is information that has been legally gathered, competently analyzed, and properly disseminated for the sole purpose of preventing, detecting, or monitoring crime.

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